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Thomas W.

Senior Java Developer

Work Experience



Technology Stack
Minimum Salary Expectation
150,000 Gross / year
JavaScript Skill Level
7 / 10
Desired Location
Remote (+1 GMT), Open to relocate
2nd place in the ‘04 Modelling Course...
Latest Degree
Aquired BA Web Design degree in 2018
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USD 100,000 Gross / year
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Medium (1,000+ Employees)
Desired Location
Remote (+1 GMT)
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  • USD 100,000 Gross / year
  • Medium company size (1,000+ Employees)
  • Remote (+1 GMT), Open to relocate

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Claire accepted your conditions
Today, 07:15
Hi Thomas, we love your profile and would like to explore an opportunity with you.
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Thomas W.

I am currently not looking
I am open for new opportunities
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Jenniffer Doe
Recently hired for $8,500 / m

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